12/30/03 Last update for 2003! We have just about completed our move to and couldn't be happier with the new place. Have a great New Years Eve!

10/13/03 Merry Columbus Day, if you must! Trip pictures here for your Erin Media pleasure.

5/27/03 Happy Spring, happy readers! and are gone, but we must go on living.

 3/19/03 hello ladies & gents as we stand on the brink of mutually assured destruction I feel it ever more necessary to document life as I live a bit of it. A surprising spring has halted shooting on a short film I was making illustrating the agony and the ecstasy of the absurdly extreme winter blessed upon New England this year so I started work on a few installations and new musical ventures to keep my mind and hands occupied during these scary times. I'll post photos and the project moves along. So take care of each other. and PS Talk to Her was not as scary as I had feared it would be, it was in fact, quite lovely.

1/5/03 Happy 2003 Everyone! I added a few things to the mixed media page and recently added the NotifyList option so you cna know about all these impressive updates in an up to the minute fashion.

  12/13/02 Happy Friday the 13th! The Mixed Media center has been updated and I've added a nice little notifying feature. There is still a mild expectation of an overall site redesign for the future but, you know.

10/31/02 SCREAM FOR ME, WEB-GOERS! Everything has been updated for your reading pleasure, we are still working on an overall re-design but in the meantime, Love it or Leave it.

9/5/02: Oh my goodness, can you believe how long it's been since erinmedia was updated? Aucht! So our headquarters have relocated to Northampton, MA where Erin is filling her time eating apples, flossing her teeth, and bringing down the Man. In the meantime, we have updated the videography, mixed media and resume sections and are working on a major overhaul of Erin Media Inc's design and information structuring.

5/10/02 Support Erin Media and get in return!

5/7/02 Erin Media Inc is moving its headquarters to Northampton, Massachusetts where the cost of living is higher but the patriots are prouder.

5/3/02 I just got word that Women in History will be screened at the and this weekend and this summer respectively. Erin Media Inc is all a-flutter.

4/29/02 hi everyone! thanks for visiting my website! We anticipate exponential growth in the coming weeks and months. Much thanks to my and / You ladies rule!